There are many reasons for referencing sources of information in academic writing. They include:
  • showing that you have researched a topic before writing about it
  • developing your own understanding of issues, concepts and debates in the topic you are writing about
  • acknowledging the sources of your arguments
  • allowing others to locate those sources for review
  • acknowledging the importance of building on existing knowledge.

There are two parts in your writing that you need to document your sources. The first is to put an in-text reference to each source within the text of your essay. The second is to compile a reference list that gives the full bibliographic details of all your sources at the end of your essay.

The referencing style used for nursing subjects is APA (American Psychological Association). The Library at the Western Sydney University provides some wonderful resources in referencing. Please go through the material carefully and follow the examples provided on the site.

APA Referencing Style Guide: Available at the Library website at the University of Western Sydney